Accounting & bookkeeping done for you

Stress Free Bookkepping

Bookkeeping services

Having a clean set of books is vital in strategically & successfully running your business, however the process is intimidating, stressful & time consuming.
Outsourcing accounts saves you from wasting valuable time that should be focused on growing your business. Our team does all back office work for you so that you can get your life back. Our service of daily Bookkeeping does all the heavy lifting for you & is managed by our in house team of accounting professionals all based in Kolkata, India. We will never send your information elsewhere or overseas.

Why small businesses love Back Office

Clean books

No need to spend time categorizing your transactions. Our team does it for you in real-time, while giving you access to accurate books every day.

Reliable data

Your books are always up-to-date giving you peace of mind when making financial business decisions.

Get your time back

You can focus on growing your business while we take care of your bookkeeping.

Catch up bookkeeping

Are you behind on your books? Back Office can get you up to date quickly & accurately.

Expert advisor team

A team of Chartered Accountants that have achieved the highest designation & expertise in finance and accounts. Our team will make sure your books are done right & we are just a quick call away.

Cash or accrual accounting

Whether your business needs cash based or accrual based accounting we can handle both.

How we works

Back Office connects your bank & credit card feeds & imports all your financial transactions from your banks, & credit cards.
After we connect all your bank accounts & credit cards we make the process of managing them stress-free.
Back Office provides you with access to each of your accounts under one unique login and password that you setup after signing aboard. You will have the visibility to see across accounts for a compiled cash balance as well as where and how much you're spending.